Carl Jakob Haupt

Help out and donate for people who suffer from cancer

Help out and donate for people who suffer from cancer.

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Who we are.

Carl Jakob Haupt, known as an artist, beloved author and journalist, blogger of the male-fashion blog "Dandy Diary" and famous for legendary parties, died of gastric cancer on April 19, 2019, at the age of 34.

During the last weeks of his life, Carl Jakob Haupt and his wife Giannina initiated the idea of an organization to help young people who, like him and his wife, had been diagnosed with cancer and therefor could never live their lives again as they had before the diagnosis.

The organization is now being brought to life, supported on a voluntary basis by mainly the closest friends of Carl Jakob & Giannina. The illness of cancer, especially amongst young people, will be given more attention by the Carl Jakob Haupt Organization. So, more people can be helped through education and support.



The "chemo godparents"

The organization of volunteers who support patients during and after chemotherapy in their everyday life.

The responsibilities of the “chemo godparents” include:

  • zur Chemotherapie begleiten
  • Besorgungen erledigen
  • Zuhause Gesellschaft leisten
  • beim Spaziergang begleiten
  • bei Anträgen und Formularen helfen
  • mit dem Patienten telefonieren
  • Hilfe im Haushalt
  • Kinder von der Schule abholen / sie zur Schule bringen
  • auf mein Haustier aufpassen

The wish fulfillment

Patients and their relatives who are not financially well positioned should be given short breaks to relax after or between chemotherapy sessions.


Memoires from Carl Jakob

This is how Carl Jakob wrote about his life:

In 2016, just when Jakob got diagnosed with stomach cancer, he began to write memoires to capture his life, dedicated to his wife Giannina. He titled it 'Überhaupt' and wrote about the shattering diagnosis, the therapies, rehabilitations, and then again about the beautiful experiences that came along his way. The 'Literarische Welt' published what he had compused until he died.

Memoires from Carl Jakob